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Do you have any nsfw plots?


Yes dear, you may find them here. {NSFW here includes, sexual, drug, and violent content}

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Are there any plots with immortals finding their one true love reincarnated after hundreds of years?


Sounds similar to this plot here, which is not mine.

-credit to   roleplayplotsyay  and faithfulhound

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Any plots with ballerinas? or about dancing ballet? :3


If it’s cool with you all, rather than dedicate one full plot to this topic, I’m going to suggest several plot ideas you might want to use for a ballet/dancing plot: 

  • Muse A and Muse B attend a private school of performing arts together. They’ve been friends for several years and both have dreams of making a living out of their passion for dance. End of year performances are looming and tension is high, especially when Muse A is chosen over Muse B to perform a coveted solo. Will the friendship last or will competition drive them apart? 
  • Muse A is a talented dancer, Muse B is a superstar athlete. The two have little in common, apart from their desire to be the best at what they do. They only know of each other through mutual friends, but don’t speak until Muse B’s coach insists that Muse B get some ballet training to improve his footwork on the field/ice. Embarrassed to have to take ballet at all, Muse B turns to Muse A for private lessons. 
  • Muse A is a ballet dancer who has dreamt of becoming prima ballerina/primary dancer in a major production of Swan Lake since they were a little kid. They’ve been practicing relentlessly for the last year to give themselves the best chance of success at the biggest audition of their life. The evening before the audition, Muse A suffers a tragic accident that leaves them unable to dance for the foreseeable future (fractured leg, torn ACL, etc.). Muse B enters the picture as Muse A’s physical therapist or someone else who will help Muse A through this devastating time. 
  • Muse A is a ballerina/danseur at a private dance studio who has gained the attention of Muse B, their dance instructor. Muse B sees something special in Muse A—a rare potential for greatness— and therefore devotes extra time to teaching Muse A technique. As Muse A and Muse B spend more time together alone in the studio, the line between professional and romantic is crossed. Though they are both consenting adults, one or both of them is in a committed relationship with someone else (and it’s highly frowned upon for them to be together). 
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Do you have any plots about the military?


What kind of military-themed plots are you (any of you) looking for? 

There’s one military plot here, but if it’s not what you’re looking for please help me out.

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All your plots are absolutely incredible, and I thank you for you amazing work! I love you! <3


Aww shucks. Thank you. I love you too.

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Plot 76: Dying to Live (a zombie plot)

Nearly 2 years ago, a nuclear power plant exploded in [insert a city/town/state of your choice here]. The impact of this disaster was swift and devastating to nearly all residents of the immediate and surrounding region. Toxic waste infiltrated the ground, air and water supply, poisoning animals and humans who ingested it within minutes, causing all plant life to wither to ash. Fortunately, most residents were evacuated to neighboring states before the explosion; all those who foolishly stayed behind paid with their lives. No one could have anticipated that the toxic waste from the decimated power plant would seep into the soil of the neighboring cemetery and cause the dead to reanimate in their graves. Within days, all of the undead in [the town/city/state] clawed their way up from the ground to search for sustenance. Impervious to the poisoned air, these zombies crept beyond the limits of the devastated town/city/state and began to descend upon the unsuspecting people in the bordering regions. There were thousands of human casualties before the government was able to formulate a large-scale military response to eradicate the ‘zombie problem’.

Today, people live in a state of armed preparedness against the undead who still roam in small bands across the country. Most homeowners have equipped themselves with weapons (as permitted by the state) so that every living person may defend themselves against the dwindling, but still very deadly threat of walking corpses. In this town, Muse A is one of the undead, but contrary to what most humans have come to fear and kill indiscriminately, Muse A and their band of zombies don’t feed off of human beings, but rather animals they encounter in the wild. Muse A and their cohorts, being of the recently departed, still have generous quantities of their humanity in-tact and have no desire to harm their living counterparts. Unfortunately for them, the general population perceives all zombies as threats that need to be eliminated before the world can go back to ‘normal’. Muse B is a human who encounters Muse A after getting separated from friends on a camping trip in the woods. Startled and un-armed, Muse B runs away from Muse A but they don’t get far. In their panic, Muse B trips and falls down into a ravine where they injure their leg pretty seriously. Sympathetic to Muse B’s suffering, Muse A comes to a panicked Muse B’s rescue.     

Will Muse B see that Muse A can be trusted and offer to help them and their band survive in this hostile world? Or will fear and easy access to weaponry lead to the annihilation of these humane zombies? Will zombie and human learn to like (or even love each other) or are they destined to be enemies to the bitter end?

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Your blog is so awesome! It inspires me to RP and write! //cries on your shoulder. Your plots are truly amazing and very creative, I'm jealous. (T 3 T) and by the way, where can I submit a plot here? also, can I use some of your plots? With credit + direct link to here of course! Thank you very much! ;A;


Thank you, thank you! I’m glad to help :)

You can either submit a plot via ask or via submit box. 

Of course you can use any/all of the plots you want.

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It's been a long time since I last sent you a message, but I have been checking this blog almost everyday for the past couple of weeks and you're still fabulous as ever :) I hope you're having a good day/week/month/year/life!


I am now! Thank you love! Same to you!

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ocxpositivity is another no hate one


Cool ! Thanks for the heads up, love.

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Blogs that have a no hate policy: 

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