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Plot 68: Stranger Danger

Muse A is driving on a dark road in the middle of the night, trying to get home before an impending thunderstorm. They peek up in the rearview mirror briefly, out of habit, though there’s no one behind them. When Muse A’s eyes return to the road, they have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the human figure suddenly standing in the path of their vehicle. Muse A shifts into ‘park’ as calmly as possible and gets out of the car to make sure that the person standing in the road is alright. Muse B is quiet and staring off into space, but otherwise they seemed unharmed. Worried, Muse A insists that Muse B get in the car so they can be taken to the hospital. Muse A figures that Muse B must be in shock; they’re certainly shaken up. Muse B says nothing, but follows Muse A to the car and gets in. Muse A proceeds to drive straight on the road, sitting in silence with their eerily quiet companion. After a few minutes, Muse B murmurs that Muse A needs to “turn left”.  Muse A is caught off guard, but they know that the hospital isn’t that way so they explain that they’re going to keep driving straight. As they draw near exit on the left, Muse B reaches over and yanks the wheel hard to force Muse A off the road and down the off ramp. Panicked because they could’ve been in a wreck, Muse A regains control of the car and demands an explanation. Muse B sits back in their seat calmly replying that they would have been in a terrible accident if they didn’t turn then. Muse A thinks that Muse B is crazy and swears that once they reach the hospital (via local streets) they’ll get as far away from Muse B as possible. When they arrive at the hospital, Muse A escorts Muse B in, though Muse B is resisting. Muse A struggles a bit to get Muse B inside, but the news story playing on the waiting room TV catches their attention before they can reach the nurse’s station. Sure enough, there’s a breaking news bulletin about a turned over truck and a massive fire on the road that Muse A was determined to take..


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Plot 67:  Reservations & Revelations 

Muse A and Muse B have been together romantically for 2 years and they’ve known each other for almost 5 years in total. Since their second date they’ve sworn to a policy of telling each other the truth no matter what, which they believe has kept their relationship strong for so long. Lately, the honest couple has been incredibly busy with work and family obligations, barely having time to sit down together for a full meal before one has to dash off. Their anniversary date approaches and the couple promises to set some time aside for the occasion. Whether by pure forgetfulness, a lack of time to talk, or a desire to surprise their significant other, Muse A and Muse B have been keeping some news from their partner –news that each of them will share during the anniversary dinner. The couple dresses up and heads out to their favorite spot in town, each person waiting for the right time to confess what they’ve been hiding. While waiting for dessert, Muse A finally speaks up and says they have news to share. But so does Muse B, at the same time. Each insists that the other say what they have to say first and they ultimately rely on the flip of a coin to decide who spills first. Muse A is one month pregnant. Muse B is leaving (for someone else or for a job assignment thousands of miles away).

Who will lose the coin flip and have tell their secret first? Will the other person decide to keep their secret (or change plans) after learning what their lover has been hiding? Will the sharing of the secrets make or break the relationship?         

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Hi! First off I want to say that you are absolutely lovely and your plots are perfection. I was wondering if I could use one of your plots for a story instead of rp, I would credit you continuously, of course. I completely understand if you're not comfortable with it. xx


Of course you can, lovely! Once a plot’s posted here, it’s all yours.

I’d love to read the story, if you’d like to privately link me to it. If not, that’s cool too.

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helloo~ I just wanted to leave you a compliment for running such a great blog! Several of your plots are on my wish list, so to speak, and I've had the pleasure of starting the 'Unteachable' plot a while ago. It's a blast! So, thank you for that, and keep up the good work, you're amazing! ♥


Awww you’re sweet! Thank you! Have this lovely gif of Ian and a cat!

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Look what this little bunny did with the horror plot generator!

Two for you, booboo. Awesome, indeed.

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Plot 66: Falsely Accused (submitted by  

Muse A is an innocent person on the run. Muse A has been unintentionally tangled up with a spy organization when they give shelter to a counter-espionage agent in their apartment, who tells them a little bit about her mission: to stop said organization from finding out a top military secret. Muse A doesn’t believe the agent at first, keeping her around simply for someone to talk to, but things get serious when she is murdered and the blame for the murder is pinned on Muse A. Muse A doesn’t know what half of this is about, but they aren’t going to take it lying down. Muse A escapes from police custody and goes on the run in order to catch the real bad guys and prove their innocence, from what they do know. Things are hard for Muse A, since they’re being hunted both by the police and the spies. One night on the windy moors, as they’re walking to the nearest town, completely exhausted, Muse A runs into Muse B, and the two end up inadvertently handcuffed to each other. Muse B is absolutely indignant at being handcuffed to Muse A, and they believes Muse A to be the murderer. Muse A takes advantage of that fact and pretends actually to be a cold-blooded murderer to scare Muse B into finally shutting up, when their initial explanations about the espionage are met by scorn. Muse B finally believes Muse A though, when the spies catch up to them and reveal themselves.

But has Muse B come to the realization much too late, now that they’re going to be killed for knowing too much?

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Are you still accepting plot submissions even if your requests are closed? Thanks!



If you send me a plot that’s ready to go content-wise (with or without a graphic), I will consider posting it up.

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Use as many options or as few as you want!

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note: clearly, some of the options won’t apply, depending on your choices.

For example, if your companion is an animal , the “your companion has” box will probably not apply.

If the killer is you, the killer’s motive and your motive, would be the same. Unless you wish to use both options (“the killer’s motive” and “your motive”) in some twist in which you do not know you’re the killer! 

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Just wanted to let you know that I love all the plots that you've come up with, and I am thinking about using one or two of them! I'll let you know if I do :D thanks <3




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