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Hi! First off I want to say that you are absolutely lovely and your plots are perfection. I was wondering if I could use one of your plots for a story instead of rp, I would credit you continuously, of course. I completely understand if you're not comfortable with it. xx


Of course you can, lovely! Once a plot’s posted here, it’s all yours.

I’d love to read the story, if you’d like to privately link me to it. If not, that’s cool too.

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helloo~ I just wanted to leave you a compliment for running such a great blog! Several of your plots are on my wish list, so to speak, and I've had the pleasure of starting the 'Unteachable' plot a while ago. It's a blast! So, thank you for that, and keep up the good work, you're amazing! ♥


Awww you’re sweet! Thank you! Have this lovely gif of Ian and a cat!

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Look what this little bunny did with the horror plot generator!

Two for you, booboo. Awesome, indeed.

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Plot 66: Falsely Accused (submitted by  

Muse A is an innocent person on the run. Muse A has been unintentionally tangled up with a spy organization when they give shelter to a counter-espionage agent in their apartment, who tells them a little bit about her mission: to stop said organization from finding out a top military secret. Muse A doesn’t believe the agent at first, keeping her around simply for someone to talk to, but things get serious when she is murdered and the blame for the murder is pinned on Muse A. Muse A doesn’t know what half of this is about, but they aren’t going to take it lying down. Muse A escapes from police custody and goes on the run in order to catch the real bad guys and prove their innocence, from what they do know. Things are hard for Muse A, since they’re being hunted both by the police and the spies. One night on the windy moors, as they’re walking to the nearest town, completely exhausted, Muse A runs into Muse B, and the two end up inadvertently handcuffed to each other. Muse B is absolutely indignant at being handcuffed to Muse A, and they believes Muse A to be the murderer. Muse A takes advantage of that fact and pretends actually to be a cold-blooded murderer to scare Muse B into finally shutting up, when their initial explanations about the espionage are met by scorn. Muse B finally believes Muse A though, when the spies catch up to them and reveal themselves.

But has Muse B come to the realization much too late, now that they’re going to be killed for knowing too much?

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Are you still accepting plot submissions even if your requests are closed? Thanks!



If you send me a plot that’s ready to go content-wise (with or without a graphic), I will consider posting it up.

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Use as many options or as few as you want!

Click and Drag on each box to reveal your plot elements! Or simply use “PrntScr” (then paste your selection into paint) to capture a plot in one shot!

note: clearly, some of the options won’t apply, depending on your choices.

For example, if your companion is an animal , the “your companion has” box will probably not apply.

If the killer is you, the killer’s motive and your motive, would be the same. Unless you wish to use both options (“the killer’s motive” and “your motive”) in some twist in which you do not know you’re the killer! 

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Just wanted to let you know that I love all the plots that you've come up with, and I am thinking about using one or two of them! I'll let you know if I do :D thanks <3




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Plot 65 : On the Run

Muse A is on a day-long drive to an out of town business meeting. They couldn’t ask for much more in life, being blessed with a loving partner that supports them, a beautiful home, and a well-paying job that leaves them happy and fulfilled. They are the eternal optimist, always trying to find the best in everything and everyone, even strangers. When they spot a hitch hiker at the side of the road, Muse A is compelled to stop and give them a helping hand, offering to take them along on their route to the hotel where their meeting is taking place.

Muse B is on the run, having escaped from the state prison during a transport three days prior. They have shed their orange jumpsuit for civilian clothes, and changed their appearance the best they could, thanks to an abandoned farm house near the penitentiary. Muse B is desperate to get as far away from that hellish place as possible. They’ve evaded the state police for this long, there is no way they will ever go back to that dark, stifling, awful cell.

Muse A is exactly what Muse B has been hoping for - a one way ticket out of town. They share a few stories and generally enjoy each other’s company during the long, uneventful drive. Unassuming Muse A has no idea that there is a dangerous felon on the loose, but when they finally approach the state line to find a waiting police roadblock, Muse B suddenly pulls a weapon on Muse A and demands they get them through without incident. Once they’ve successfully passed the road block, Muse B reveals the truth, and Muse A is hit with the sudden frightening realization that they are now subject to Muse B’s plans.

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BLOG. Im currently starting a roleplay with one of your plots and Im so hyped. :3c Have a lovely day you lovely person.



Thank you! You also have a lovely day. I wanna see this thread! show me, show me!


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Plot # 64: A Hand to Hold

On their way to lunch, Muse A makes a quick stop at the bank to withdraw some cash. Muse A figures that they’ll use the ATM to get in and out with minimal fuss but both machines are out of order, so they must get in line to see a teller. Muse B is line ahead of Muse A. Caught up in their own thoughts, they don’t notice each other, nor the suspicious activity of the person ahead of them who’s just stepped up to the teller window and demanded a large sum of cash. When the teller instinctively reaches for the alarm button behind the counter, the robber draws a weapon and threatens to use it if the police come. Muse A and Muse B, along with everyone else but the teller is commanded to get down on the ground unless they want to be harmed. Realizing that they’ve walked in on a bank robbery, Muse A’s fear overtakes them and they start to break down. Muse B notices Muse A cowering on the floor nearby and it tugs at their heart strings. Despite the danger, Muse B crawls over to Muse A and takes their hand. Muse B puts on a brave face and tells Muse A whatever they can to reassure them. After a few tense minutes, that feel like hours, the robber grabs as much cash as they can and flees the bank without hurting anyone. The police are called as soon as the robber’s gone and little by little (after being questioned) people are allowed to trickle out of the bank. Once they’re free to go, Muse A finds Muse B and thanks them for being so comforting. Muse B offers to make sure that Muse A gets home okay and Muse A accepts. Sitting on the front porch of Muse A’s home, still shaken up, the pair share a long talk about what happened and how lucky they are to be alive. Muse B promises to check in on Muse A every once in a while, if they want, to which Muse A agrees.

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